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Ganga Pumps is one of the best Sprinkler Pipe Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. We Synthetic Industries accept this open door with delight to show ourselves as the main maker of Submersible Pump sets and Openwell under the brand name of “GANGA”.

Sprinkler pipe is utilized to water rural yields, gardens, scenes, greens, and different zones. They are moreover used for cooling and for the control of airborne buildup. Specifically, when water is permitted to course through the fundamental pipe under strain with the assistance of siphoning it, it escapes from the turning spouts.


  • Extensive land leveling or terracing isn’t required
  • No loss of cultivable domain as a result of channel advancement
  • Sensible for all intents and purposes every earth sort
  • Water-saving water system power can be changed according to the entrance furthest reaches of the earth and yield water necessities
  • High viability in view of uniform water appointment, crop water the administrators can be changed in accordance with the improvement stage and conditions
  • Likelihood of adding manures or pesticides to water system water in a monetary way
  • Likelihood of flooding for various purposes: developing, ice affirmation or cooling during hot periods
  • Lower work necessities when stood out from standard surface water system approach

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